Sunday, March 13, 2011

Two Become One

Well I've decided that while it has certainly had it's advantages, it's been a little exhausting trying to keep up with two different blogs so with the winds of change blowing in 2011 (study, travel and maybe baby)  I've decided to combine them over at FIRST HOUSE ON THE RIGHT where I've been writing for pleasure since July last year.  Would love if you my loyal 22 followers would join me over there and thanks so much to those of you who already have!  Many bloggers I admire have successfully combined their business and personal writing so I feel optimistic that I can do the same - wish me luck!


Tomas and Jones said...

Great idea Nic! 2 is definitely a big effort, and IMHO business blogs are always better when they include the personal as well!

Looking forward to many more pleasurable reads over at First House on the Right :) xx

Party Resources said...

Thank you for your nice note on my blog! Love having readers from the other end of the world! Cheers, Kate