Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back in Town

Well it's taken a bit but I've finally found my way back to Bloggington after the loveliest of lovely Christmas holidays. Crack out the champs we're already eleven days into this new year of ours. Really, where does the time go?!

Just before Christmas we added some new Lelbys bean furniture to our collection but I haven't had a chance to tell you about it. These stylish bean chairs are made from 100% cotton canvas and are designed to predominantly in tones of brown, taupe and navy to complement the colours of adult furnishings. As well as these, for the pink and blue traditionalists there is a chirpy damask collection.

The chairs come with an inner no spill calico bag for safety and ease of cleaning. The outer cover has a childproof zip which requires a paper clip to release and unlock. Priced at $95, an affordable option for children's seating in your home. Have a look here.


Jane said...

These are fantastic - they definitely beat the old wiggles fold out couches from when my kids were littler!

Karena said...

These are just wonderful, I am so thrilled to find you!!

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