Monday, October 11, 2010

Room for Children

I finally got to sit down and enjoy one of our new books, Room for Children, and what a treat it turned out to be! Susanna Salk has brought together a group of well respected interior designers, architects and photographers resulting in 235 pages of visual sumptuousness (too much, I don't think so).

$65.00 here.

Sit back and prepare to be inspired by my favourite rooms:

When designing her sons' rooms it was important to Kelly Wearstler "to create spaces they could grow into, rather than designing for their ages at that exact moment". I like that because it means an investment into a room can be really worthwhile because the vision has longevity. This space is certainly a beautiful room to grow into.

Kelly's son Oliver's room.

I just love the variety (I refuse to use the ubiquitous 'eclectic') in the mix of frames of artwork on this nursery wall by Jennifer DeLonge.

This cluster of art on p24.

There's something very sweet about this simple room. Allison Tick says that painting shelves two different but compatible colours is an easy way to transform a wall.

This sweet room on p51.

Now you know this shared bedroom has been done to perfection because it doesn't scream "boy's room" but it doesn't scream "girl's room".

The perfect balance on p53.

The dark navy day bed along with the framed map and monogrammed pillows set a very classic mood in this Katie Ridder bedroom.

Classic combination on p71.

Four children share this bedroom when they visit their family base in New York City. Inspired by the Orient Express, each 'compartment' has its own bookshelf and curtain. The Manhattan skyline is painted along the walls of each compartment.

Never mind New York, I heart this room.


:: imprintables:: said...

just received your newsletter and am LOVING the Bus Roll print-Rise & Shine!


Page 53 bedroom is amazing. Lovely blog by the way!r

Louise (Table Tonic) said...

Must must MUST buy this book - thank for the sneak peak! xLouise