Monday, September 6, 2010


Now there are wall stickers and there are wall stickers. For the most part I think the medium has been done to ad nauseam and we are all exhausted by their saturation. But they are a great way to spruce up a room, especially if you want a fresh look but don't want to repaint (or can't repaint because you're renting) and there are some really fabulous ones that stand out from the rabble.

Like these...

I love trees so when I saw these I knew I had to have them for our store, ordering them soon so check back in a little while.

One of my friends has this in her daughter's room. The brightness of the colours and the modern lines are a lovely compliment to the pale pink decor and antique bed. May I also say, it is unbelievable easy to put on the wall and if you get it wrong and need to change an angle? Peel it off and take two, so easy. Unlike many of the current decals it does peel off with no fuss and no damage to your wall.

With the one kit you can do any of these designs.

I love the pale green of this one from The Wall Sticker Company and think it would look cute behind a cot (we're getting this in too so check back soon).

This morning when I caught up on all my blog reading I noticed that the lovely Mandy Sutcliffe has added wall stickers to her beautiful Belle & Boo collection and in true Mandy style, they are utterly delightful. Of course, the moment they are available here in Oz, we'll be getting these in store too.

I love options for little boys that aren't all snarl and gnarl but still very boyish.

I heart pink.

I just adore this one, I think Boo may very well be the cutest rabbit ever.

Have a look over here for more of Mandy's illustrations now coming to us as wall stickers.

Images from Wall Candy, Belle & Boo and The Wall Sticker Company.


Tomas & Jones said...

These are really gorgeous wall decals! It's nice to see some different options. Love those dinosaurs & the little rabbit! Reminds me of the old book illustrations. Lovely :)


Bec Hem said...

oh yes! i am totally addicted to wall stickers, think they are just brilliant!
thanks for your lovely comments on my blog lately - they put a big smile on my face!