Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Two of the most popular items in our store are the lovely wooden name plaques and the world map print for boys (or girls). I think I know why - it's nice to be personal. There's something special about our own name, and whether we like to admit or not, it's nice to see it up in lights. (Can't get rid of the double-spacing in this paragraph grrrr).

The name plaques in retro inspired font are made from 16mm craft wood by a small creative company in regional Victoria. They are available in 8 different colours including red, apple green, lemon, white, navy blue and pink, though you can also custom request your own colour for a little bit more. They are $18 per letter and a lovely way to give someone a very special gift.

The customized world map is lovely for a bedroom or playroom. It is educational, non-gender specific (though it is such a lovely option for boys in our opinion) and fun for all ages. You choose the the name you would like to appear on the bottom of your map and it is printed on 160gsmarchival, chlorine free (ECF) and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) paper. They are 42cm wide by 29cm high and sell in our store for $48.00.

At the moment I'm keeping an eye out for more lovely personalised products like these. Will be sure to post when I find something :)


Kellie Collis said...

The names are really lovely to look at. I like them especially by the bedroom door. Have a wonderful day! Kellie xx

ash e said...

I love Ben's name plaque - everyone comments on it when they see his room. If there's ever another child, we'll be getting another name for sure.