Monday, July 19, 2010


Yes. you have guessed it, we are finally there. On Thursday afternoon last week we flung open the cyber doors on our new interiors collection and website. And may I say, I love it! Tish over at artish, has done a super job with our new look and I think it is safe to say, she is now sick of the sight and sound of me. It was a busy and frantic lead up to going live that's for sure!

Our new website is more simple and chic than ever (if you ask me). I love the new colour scheme and don't think I'll ever get tired of the beautiful new icons. Perfect in their simplicity (this is the launch post, so I'm allowed to rave a bit aren't I?!), I can't stop going to our home page to look at them. Now more than ever, we are dedicated to keeping our collection fresh and exciting and will be consistently adding new pieces to it.

We plan to bring you even more payment options in the not-too-distant-future as we want to be able to offer you a simplified direct deposit option and more credit card options. As well as that, we want to be able to tailor shipping rates specifically to your area if not postcode! In the meantime, Paypal continues to serve us well and we will certainly continue to offer it as the excellent option it is as well. (I know Paypal is my preferred payment method when shopping online).

But on to the fun stuff...our new products! Too many to talk about all at once so I'll start with a new favourite, the Bedtime Bus Roll Poster. "I just 'yuv it!", as my three year old nephew says when he loves something. It has to be the sweetest way ever to capture the all important bedtime routine, fitting that it comes to us from My Sweet Prints. Inspired by the vintage bus roll posters it is too delightful. Printed on 160gsm archival and chlorine free paper, this one is a keeper. The loveliest thing about is you can customise it to your own routine, mind you the thought of that is too overwhelming and you're a procrastinating perfectionist like me, our standard print is perfect. We are currently selling the print unframed but a framed option will soon be available too.

On that note, the cuppa in my bedtime routine is calling out to me so I am off. Sweet dreams everyone.

Image from My Sweet Dreams

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