Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rather exciting news

Image from Babies' Rooms From Zero to Three, by Judith Wilson.

Thought it was time to tell you all that over the next few months we are refocusing the P&P collection to concentrate specifically on children's interiors. I'm so excited for the new focus as this is the part of our collection that I love the most and have the biggest thrill sourcing. We're also going to be carrying a small niche collection for grown-ups rooms. A new website will launched in a few months time and I couldn't be more eager (here's hoping that my multi-talented pal Tish is equally excited about the prospect as she's the graphics design gal!).

Naturally all of the lovely items currently in the room decor category, as well some of our special toys that we know look lovely on shelves or propped on the end of beds, will continue to be available as they are exactly the type of beautiful things we would like to find more of.

Of course with the new direction comes the news that MOST of our other toys, books, clothes & accessories won't be stocked again so it's a good idea to check out this icon throughout our website if you want to grab something that won't be back! Of course I'll blog about the items in each category that are leaving our cyber-shelves for good.

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artish said...

very excited. I can't wait I CAN'T WAIT!