Monday, February 22, 2010

This one is just right

My old wooden office chair literally gave way beneath me today...oh dear, what is it trying to tell me? Of course it is very, VERY old and so I'd like to think that the extra kgs I'm trying to drop didn't have too much to do with it (please no!) I'm on the hunt for another. Of course I'd love something like one of these wonderful presidents chairs...

...a replica of JFK's Oval Office chair from the History Company

...or Jimmy Carter's, also from the History Company

I love this McConnel Office Chair from

Or if I could get my hands on this secondhand one from Hoppers Used Chairs it would be perfect. Sadly, I'd have to be a Los Angeles local or be willing to handover some serious shipping dosh. Because I'm neither, I think it will be a trip to Ikea to grab one of the following:

The Snille may be a bit too flamboyant for my particular office?
The shape of the Skruvsta looks cosy but while I like the print of the fabric, I'm not crazy about it. But then, do you have to be crazy about an office chair that won't be around forever?
So chances are, I'll settle for something boring but comfortable like the Moses...

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