Monday, July 20, 2009

Man On The Moon

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This fact really tickles the fancy of my national pride...did you know 40 years ago today when man walked on the moon for the first time - "that's one small step for one, one giant leap forward for mankind" - only Australians watched the landing live. The rest of the world watched a six second delayed NASA broadcast. Love it.

For all things lunar, check out the humourous children's book Man On The Moon and the fun Johnny Joe's Time Travel Colouring Book. There is also a fantastic series, From The Earth To The Moon, currently screening every Sunday night (from July 5 to August 23) at 7:30pm on the History Channel. Presented by Tom Hanks it covers the dramatic story of the Apollo missions, the heroic astronauts, John F. Kennedy's historic speech, the first manned expeditions into space and to the final defining moment of the space program - putting man on the moon. Or, if you're after something a bit lighter, how about renting The Dish.

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